Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of years

The last day of 2008 deserves a post, me thinks. I sat down to think about what I have achieved this past, actually, I am only now sitting down and thinking about it...hmmm. Ok, no major achievements! It's not like I am Vishwanath Anand or something, that I can talk about the latest feathers in my cap. ('PJ'* on feathers later below.)

Still, I must say I seem to have enjoyed myself for the most part of 2008. Lack of Vishy Anand-like achievements leads me resign myself to listing out some personal, interesting experiences of 2008: -
1. I have started writing for a newspaper supplement -- still freelance, but nevertheless...
2. I began writing restaurant reviews for a Chennai based magazine -- this happened quite by chance but since it's right up my alley, I now revel in it!
3. I have enjoyed the company of my friends (3 different groups) even more this year! One group of school pals, one of college and the third group I got to know through my gym and they are what I call my 'womanly' friends -- I became thick with them only a couple of years ago, but they are FUN.
4. I went to Singapore, where neither the zoo nor the shopping disappointed me! The cable car ride too was awesome.
5. I went to Perth, where a visit to an animal farm was cool, as was a 'seaworld' experience.
6. I 'irregularly' worked out but enjoyed it anyways! ;)
7. I made some new pals in June but no clique formed as yet!!
8. I made plans to do something 'on my own' and nearly implemented it, but did not. Only because when it came down to it, I did not believe it was going to work out. Am still pretty sure I was right. (oray the opinionated!)
9. I did No.8 TWICE!
10. I came to the realisation that I cannot diet. (Ha, haaaa.Better late than never). I am not into depriving myself!
11. I also came to the realisation that I had better work out and at least consider my food / plate before I eat it. (Vaat ya dollop of wisdom, eh?)
12. I simply 'mindblowingly' enjoyed 2 reunions with friends -- one for an evening out with two school friends to celebrate 30 years of knowing each other (went pub hopping) and the other with five college friends for a 3 day getaway to Pondicherry to celebrate 16 years of being friends.
13. I have begun to recognise certain signs of maturity and immaturity in me...and others too. I don't think I had the power to recognise such things before!! (My 'wold yage' is the reason!)
14. I cried and laughed almost as well as Sivaji Ganesan when I was watching the film 'Abhiyum Naanum' last weekend. I cried at the father-daughter senti stuff and laughed at the STUPIDITY of the film in many other places. Came out of the movie hall very much like I had downed a few pegs, helped by a certain college pal who has an impeccable timing in and an incredible sense of...humour. (B is her name)
15. I found out that with close friends, bickering is normal and healthy!! Annoying too!
16. A favourite cousin got married.
17. I found out that some things just don't change. (Nice things:)
18. Restaurant reviews did not make me gain weight -- in fact they reduced cravings and binges, he he, since I get my fill at the restaurants ...and variety too, what with all the la di da sampling!
19. Somebody somewhat famous who was seeing me after 18 years recognised me!! Either his memory is very good or I still look 'eng'. I choose the second likelihood, thank you!
20. I have been photographed a LOT this year and taken quite a few too!
21. Many people have been highly encouraging about my writing.
22. I regained a couple of ex-friends.
23. My sister has almost become a friend-like person!! (ha ha yakkao...akka, akka, yelakka)
24. I have watched more movies in the theatre and at home on dvd in 2008 than in 2007. (yenna oru achievement!)
25. I met Priyanka Chopra (this one is for the guys)
26. I met and interviewed Khushboo, Anu Hasan and Radhika (certainly not achievements, I know, but...)
27. I spoke with Chiyaan Vikram on the phone a few times (ok, obviously I am a fan, but c'mon, it's an achievement cos this guy is cool. Anyway, which celebrity bothers calling back interviewers?)
28. I have learned to put my foot down with some people without even consulting some best buddies on how to!! Especially with pseudo celebrities.
29. I have started bragging about how 'I am a trained pilot but without a valid, current license' ! (cheap thrills;)) 12 years old this news is, but...feather in my cap indeed!
30. I have started wearing bigger earrings than ever before and dressing up like never before!

Ok, enough already! (stupid American phrase).
Oho. It looks like friends have played a huge role this past year. I am not complaining...

Regarding the PJ which means Poor Joke, there was a pompous boy who went away from home to make some money after ruffling his dad's feathers. Every week, he would write home to his father bragging about some thing he had achieved that week and finishing off with "...this is another feather in my cap". This went on for a few months.

Then one day, he wrote home to say he had lost this, that...and everything and 'Daddy, could you please send me some money so I can return home?'.
His Dad replied : "Use all those feathers and fly back!".

Ha ha. Really not so funny in today's world of 'aaapus' and 'aruvaals', but still...

The above points are a general fairly vetti personal reminiscing to salute 2008.

Happy New Year to my handful of readers and may your dreams come true at least this year! Here's wishing you a happy and healthy and PROSPEROUS 2009 minus the paunch that goes with 'prosperous'!



shyam said...

Pretty interesting, Suj :) You're living the life!

By the way, No 19 yaaru?

Blogeswari said...

Let's do a repeat telecast of # 12 and # 14 -

# 12 - Goa
# 14 - Am sure Pragash raj will come up with yet another crappy film which people like us will support (u know where!)

Have a wonderful new year, Tees!

umm oviya said...

very action packed year. and i was not part of the action :(
you have been tagged.