Friday, August 22, 2008

Arrey, baba!

The gym I go to. Yes, it is a very good one with very good facilities. That's why i go there. Point made.

Now, I am no GREAT writer but I am usually with it when it comes to writing simple sentences. I corrected a badly written 'thought for the day' kind of thing on this gym's notice board, which is visible to all members as they work out.

The weirdly written thought for the day glared at me for ten minutes until I could bear it no longer and summoned the one who wrote it and requested her to correct it at least to SOME extent. The whole thing goes something like this -- i.e. the corrected version: -

"Try to be unique in life the way 'SALT' is -- Its absence makes things tasteless / useless"

Right. Slightly more relieved though still not 100% satisfied, I continued with my workout, which was the purpose of my going to a gym! (Yeah, yeah and not to vettily / joblessly edit stuff, but mind YOU, I did not stop huffing and puffing all through my suggestions.)

Then I saw another member -- a guy whom I shall now unfondly call Mr. Know-it-better-than-you (who was watching all this), call another gym-employee and make a further (SNORT) correction to the above. Below, please find the wronged version...(Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

"Try to be unique in life the way 'SALT' is -- Its absence make things useless / tasteless"

Yes, he removed the 's' so I now understand that 'SALT' is plural.
Soooper pa.

Arrre... arrey... arrrrrrrrey Baba. I really need to scream long and hard sometimes.

I still cannot bear it ("its absence make"...ARGHHHHHHHHH)...
You know these people can even have you doubting your own eenglees I say!With such confidence they go about wronging things!

Am sure tomorrow, I will wage a fresh war. Today, I managed to focus away from the damn notice board!

Is it just me?

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