Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Moral Science

Moral Science was actually a subject to study in the convent school I attended for fourteen years and I think they even tested us on this rather vague subject.

I say vague because I really don't remember what exactly we studied in those classes. But I do I remember quite looking forward to it mostly because it was fairly light and there was also a great deal of interaction.

The Moral Science period coincided with the Catechism (spelling?!) period. Perhaps Moral Science as a subject was introduced in the convent school to keep the non-Catholics busy in pursuit of goodness? Whatever. It was a good idea. It's always nice to reinstate certain values repeatedly, especially at impressionable ages...and even when older. (Today, it would seem however, that certain OLD people desperately need moral science classes.)

Kindness, goodness, sincerity, honesty, sense of duty and so on. There has never been a greater need for moral science classes than today, if you ask me. Do schools have it these days? I have no clue. Will find out ...

Apparently many people today do not seem to have even heard the word moral. And these days, even when used, it's like 'moral' is a bad word. Ugh types. 'Non-classy and a drag', to quote the unquotable.

Well, I am no holier than thou. I have enough badness in me to justify those two horns growing out of my head. Still, I have not sprouted that proverbial tail, so that is a good sign!!Certainly, my moral science classes have helped me!

The mere fact that I enjoyed them is saying something, right?


umm oviya said...

they still do. it's called value education. O loves it. though i still find it annoying :) but you have a point, and i guess it's important.

Ramyah said...

yeah, it's true that today's youngsters are in need of moral education. I used to hate the lesson as i felt it was irrelevant for the examinations but now i feel that's one way of instilling good values among children effectively.