Monday, May 07, 2007

Article - Report - Bridal Bliss Package

Wedding dumb-bells!

Dust, grime, noise, traffic and curious bystanders mar Chennai’s overall “exteriors”. It is quite a relief to turn to a comfortable, indoor environment for exercise. Gyms -- Body-toning machines, physical trainers, diet consultants and air-conditioning even, constitute the fitness revolution we are witnessing in today’s urbanized steely world.

An evergreen option of brisk outdoor walks notwithstanding; the lure of an opportunity to get fit under “expert, luxurious guidance” is what makes gyms big business today. They throw in steam rooms and massages for good measure as value-adds. Despite effective weight-loss and muscle-toning programs being the main factors behind gyms’ growing success in general, there are some entities that walk a few steps further into the limelight. One such is the fitness center – “Fitness One”.

“Fitness One”, a chain of fitness centers across South India currently encompassing Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore, has launched a unique and glamorous “product”. The launch event was held on 08th January, 2007 at The Park hotel between 3 and 6 p.m. Specially designed for the niche audience of brides and grooms-to-be with attractive and useful offers, the product is aptly called “Bridal Bliss”. This bridal bonanza comprises a three-month long membership at Fitness One with tempting frills attached – Kirtilals for jewellery, Naturals for beauty-care, Baywatch for travel and Kaya Skin Clinic are their preferred vendors and have done their part in bringing all this enticement to a bride-to-be’s attention. It was conceptualized by three enterprising ladies -- Meena Anand, Ameeta Agnihotri and Nidhi Mehta, of Fitness One.

The event itself was well punctuated with dances by John Britto’s academy and a fashion show, showcasing popular Sun Music VJs and other models as Indian brides and grooms. The show-stopper was Miss. Linda, of Kabul Express fame who posed as a Christian bride – dressed in white with bouquet in place. The event also had Mehendi, Make-over counters and delicious eats open to the audience – a complete Indian-wedding experience! However, the very creativity of the concept…a bride (or groom) preparing herself for her big day by joining a fitness center, held everybody’s attention in place.

Moreover, two real brides-to-be were catapulted into bliss when they were each gifted this bridal bonanza by Fitness One, thereby officially launching their latest, exciting and innovative product.

Quite apart from being a union for life, weddings are extravaganzas, a time for the bride and groom-in-the making, to look and feel “on top of the world”. Therefore, a time to shed excess weight, whip those bulges into shape, gloss that skin up and toss that mane around with an overall feel-good attitude.

The ultimate relationship – the dream day -- it requires you to set your heart racing and sweat it all out, it seems!


Sujata Tarakesan.

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