Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Walking the Talk

Today I FINALLY moved myself to the gym after 2 and a half weeks. Actually, nearly did not go; what with Chennai's fabulously sweaty weather and the fact that slumber comes easy, so easily these days in the afternoons...Went for an aerobics clas but found it lacking lustre as perching myself precariously on a gymball is NOT my idea of working out to lose weight as most of my concentration is on the balance

Another feather in my non-existent cap is that some mag I wrote to has invited me to be part of their team to write as a 'freelancer' -- goodie. Let's see how it goes.

Tara is presently making a huge fuss to drink her milk. So boring -- YAWN. But the mom in me says "shut up and make her drink it" and so I trudge on with the cajoling and threats. Sigh.

Today was a productive day what with cooking, a spot of cleaning (a HUGE effort for me btw -- we messies like our messes!) and aerobics and then a visit to an aunt-in-law's house.

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