Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another day in paradise indeed!

Chennai is very pleasant indeed today. Rains in the morning and cloudy and kinda cool the whole day. I set out in the afternoon and saw someone on the pavement-- a man all curled up and shirtless. He was sleeping I think. How would I know exactly what he was doing, considering I was in an airconditioned car and travelling at 30 kms/hour? Anyways, that fleeting glimpse was enough to set me thinking that perhaps the man might be cold...maybe hungry. Well, what was I going to do about it? I was anyway on my way to Mainland China, a nice Chinese restaurant for lunch with a friend. Such luxury! So, I did nothing. But, like once before, I just wished I had carried some unwanted clothes with me. On the previous occasion, I had a bag full of baby clothes which I satisfiedly gave away to a beggar woman with baby; not that it made me a better person...but at least I was not any worse. Least I can do really.

So...this man remains shirtless am sure and don't even think i will do anything about it except, maybe, carry the unwanted stuff around with me hereafter(big effort in itself) and then as and when the occasion presents itself, I might help someone.

Just the average, sef-centered person...not 'thinking twice' meaningfully ...as yet. If you have heard Phil Collins' award-winning song, you will get what am saying...

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