Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pesterfering Phony Panni

He was not exacty a colleague although he worked for the same company I did. As a punishment for being employed by the same company, I met him a few times (totally perhaps 6-7 times) during my 6 years in that office. I was never particularly fond him although he was fairly polite with me and not bad looking either!! BUT...

He would say some things...stuff, which he ought not to be telling some woman whom he barely knew. Things about his wife and just how disinterested with her he was or something along those lines. Only, he phrased it differently "She has a problem". SHE! Right. But I NEVER (even on terribly bored days) encouraged this subject. In fact I studiously ignored it. But consistently, he would make it a point to show his lack of interest.

Later... I was not in the company any more. Nor he. Professionally also, he had a few black marks to his credit, er, DEBIT, I mean. However, he got my home number from some blessed colleague of mine and called me one day out of the blue. First he wanted me to 'be his friend'. Then he wanted to know if I 'knew any one who could help him in a land dispute' (YAWN!) I did not. Neither did I jump with joy when he said "You are my only friend in Chennai". Oh you sicko. Am sure there is a reason you have no friends. Well, as it turned out, there are many reasons. Then, we got back to the sob story of "My wife has a problem. Untreatable. We live separate lives". SNORE. I took two calls like that -- pointless talks with people I doubt sincerely don't do it for me anymore. So, I stopped taking his calls. He tried, tried, tried. Smsd. Like EVERY day. One day I picked up my house phone (no caller id) and he wanted to know if I wanted a job in the company he worked for. "Nope" I said. Then he actually came home (Don't know how he got my address....eeks) and wanted to see me. I was really mad and told somebody to take a message as I was 'not home'. The message was his visiting card. Hmph.

Then I simply continued ignoring his smss and calls again until MAYBE he got the point. This was around 5 months ago. To cut this long story short, it has now turned out that the man had pestered enough other people to earn him some serious trouble with the law in his romantic, extra-marital endeavours. Ha. PPP I believe and HOPE is being correctly punished for focussing on rubbish instead of on LIFE.

Ok, Now I think this guy's a waste of space in my blog. Will give it a few days and then delete it. Since I mentioned PPP before, just wanted to take the tale to its logical ending.


Karthik Sriram said...

Apart from the blog title everything else made sense! :P

Again, you SHOULD have got the clue when that guy talks bad about his wife to some person (here - it was you) that he is kinda sending feelers.... But it was good ui ignored his cribs initially itself. I have not met anybody like this so far, but if I do then its gonna be some kickass fun... I will make sure that guy repents for talking bad about his wife to a 3rd person.

Shyam said...

Sidey people who make sidey remarks make me absolutely CRINGE! I would have done exactly the same as you, Suj :) Ignored the creepy little perv!