Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The toilet seat exercise

Ok, so we are talking about the western toilet here. The throne. I fail to understand why women want the seat down (especially in the west) all the time and any man sharing the loo with them has to ensure he lets the seat down after he finishes with his 'small' job.

My point is...woman, why can you not just put the seat down yourself when it is time for your reign on the throne?

I would personally feel 'ugh' if I thought the toilet seat had remained down and the guy had sprinkled his tinkle all over the seat! This I think is a much graver problem. If the seat were up, at least I would know, the seat cover which I am going to use will not have his dew drops (yuck!).

If someone can explain this business to me, that would be great.

Anycase, I don't like the idea of sharing my loo (or kakkoos as we charmingly call it down south) with anyone on a long-term basis but ... I am afraid we can't always have all that we want!!


On another note...
As a passionate bathroom-lover I must say that whenever I travel and then finally get back home, the thing I look forward to most is performing my 'jobs' in my 'wown' loo. Aaha. Inbamo inbam that is!


Shyam said...

Trust you to come up with this, Teesu :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

That was a good one..My wife always said men were perfect pigs when it came to the loo..till date i never stood what she meant. perhaps it had to do with the sprinkling of the tinkle all over..
keep up the good work..is it up or down ..i mean the seat


umm oviya said...

i have always wondered about it. whats the big deal about seat being up. really prefer it.
silly women.

bungeecowboy said...

If u are sitting on it is gotta be down if you are going for the bulls eye then u need to practice in public loos first

bansi jaising said...

Good writing Soo.

Keep it up (not the toilet seat idiot)

Happy writing