Saturday, December 08, 2007

Western Voices

There are some 'voices in song' that can raise those goosebumps on you and get that lump up and big in your throat, leaving you a bit spent...such gifted voices belong to singers like Barbara Streisand. What a glorious voice and non judgementally speaking, a personality to match!

Old goldies like 'The way we were' and 'Memory' -- just listen to them to get that stirred-up feeling...brings out emotions and memories(!) nearly long-forgotten. I am constantly amazed by what music can wonder they say it is for the soul.

You can see the emotions in the song when Barbara Streisand sings...It got me thinking that for best effects, the singer ought to be not-so-young so that experience can add flavour to every word. I can appreciate that more now with, ahem, age!

And how about those song writers at that point who wrote simple and meaningful words! (Doubt: Does anybody know ehther Barbara streisand herself wrote the lyrics for 'The Way we Were' and 'Memory'?)

A song without lyrics is like...well, it has a different effect -- subtle but pretty strong really. Oh well, that calls for another post altogether!

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