Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How tough IS it??

When someone smiles at you, DO smile back. I mean how tough IS it? When my smile is greeted by a suspicious look, I can tell you, it is most annoying. It's not as if I smile all the time (idiotically, like some -- ahhh that's another post!) but there are situations when you can indeed, acknowledge another human being by smiling at him or her. Earlier, whenever my smile drew a blank, I would be highly embarrassed and try to act like my smile was not actually a smile, but more of a grimace. myself. (Who wants to seem goofy?) These days, older, wiser and all that good stuff (self proclaiming), when I get THE LOOK in return for my smile, I can actually frown at the jerk and go quick from warm to frosty. Cannot help it. Art of survival...for smiles, anyway.

Most of us look fine enough when we smile, if not more attractive. I cannot think of a single person who would look ugly or horrible when he or she smiled. On the other hand, 'long' faces are a nightmare.

Unbelievable. One thing that human beings can do over the other beasts is smile and laugh . I mean can you imagine if you caught (say) a buffalo grinning at you? You would probably take to your heels thinking you saw Yama!

Oh, JUST smile now and then and be done with is said to make people wonder what you are upto.


Karthik Sriram said...

Just imagine how tough it would be for a GUY to have this happpen this to him and that too the 'look' coming from a member of the opposite sex!! :D


Shyam said...

wogay - confess! What are you up to? :)

Shyam said...

by the way, very patriotic colour combination :)

Teesu said...

Karthik, enjoy the 'looks';)

Shyam, am up to nothing, not to worry. A smile is all I can muster in horribly hot chennai.

umm oviya said...

you know... there are some who can't even smile back at a smiling child? definitely something missing in those characters. they just missed some stages of evolution