Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy with a shrug

Slumdog Millionaire bagged 8 awards. ARRahman as music director won two. Super!

But was it ARR's best work?

No, I think.

Let's face it, slumdog millionaire was a good platform (British director) to give the world a glimpse of Indian talent, that's all. Of course, ARR has given us much fab music. And great that he got away with two big ones at the Oscars and created history. Good for him too. Sure, we are proud and thrilled for him. It's like winning a major competition.

But why are Oscars so important to us?


sundar said...


I do guess it is a ploy....to give away so many awards ...

Hollywood is trying to penetrate indian movie market...it is just a business angle...

to day it is only a guess..

may be a truth later

Anil P said...

It's good to receive this recognition especially after the way artists slave away in relative obscurity, and now feel elated for getting some recognition.