Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Love may do the trick

I am likely to incur the wrath, fury, annoyance and more/less of some people when I say this: If you really, really, REALLY love someone...anyone...then, you are indeed a believer. I feel, when you so love someone, you simply have-to-have-to have the faith. I don't see how you can get by otherwise. I just don't.

I mean, when your loved one is sick or in danger, what do you do? Fret? Cry? Despair? Stay practical?

Or...secretly pray?

Not that anything you (the non-believer) say to this may be convincing enough and I daresay you may not really want to bother with explanations here, but still...I have said it. And I would definitely love to hear the other side's thoughts . Who knows, there is a good chance that the answers may be intelligent and perhaps even set me thinking. If someone I love ran into some grave trouble(God forbid!!!), I just don't know what I would do other than pray. For me, there is no other recourse. I mean, yeah, I would do other things necessary to help that person and not JUST pray (that would be stupid and irresponsible), but I would not just do everything in my power to ease things and then sit back. I would pray mighty hard.

I have to admit though, that if you are the detached type, perhaps you really could stay a non-believer. That is possible...


Note: This post is NOT aimed at anyone in particular. Not as a jibe or poke, definitely. This is just some loud thinking being aired -- a loud wondering if you will;)


Radha said...

I have to disagree with you there, cajin dear - and why would an honest question incur any wrath in anyone, believer or not?

As you probably are aware, I don't believe in the existence of fairies, unicorns, pixies, rakshasas (except humans, who by their actions fit the definition), devas and gods. I do deeply, deeply REALLY love - and that does not have anythihng to do with whether I believe in a god or gods.

You acknowledge that praying, in and of itself, doesn't do anything tangible in the real world. In case of a loved one being sick or in danger, you can take it for granted that I will turn the world upside-down, if necessary, to find a way to keep my loved one safe. At times like that, I believe intangibles like that tend to take a person's focus away from real, practical, helpful action.

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Let me pose a question back to you: can you give me any reason why you think a deep deep love for anybody automatically has to mean faith in a god or gods? Why do you think anything but stated faith (whether in words or action) in a god or gods automatically means faith in a god or gods?

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Ok, first of all, it is my observation that some 'non-believer' folks are prickly and pouncy seeing that they are in minority very often. :)

Then, I 'automatially' think that one who deeply loves has to have THE Faith because he or she will want to do anything in his or her power ANNNND outside of his or her power, for that loved one. Note: One who loves is also more likely to encounter challenges like these more often. Having faith, blind or otherwise, gives (admittedly intangible)extra strength to handle certain situations, no doubt. It works for me and many others I know.
Besides, did I say faith in GOD? or just faith? I meant faith in some other force TOO. (Whatever it may be!)
Did not understand your last qosteen!Are you referring to hypocrisy?Ahh, I must dedicate another post for THAT.

S said...

Tees, cant agree more....infact thats exactly what Im doing today....shrey's unwell & apart from medicating him, Im just praying!

For me prayer is the only resort & recourse to all my probs! Most vanish pretty soon after a prayer...but some remain....& im sure theres a reason to it like for my own improvement, learning etc..... (which I cant decipher as yet!!!)

Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

if praying gives you peace of mind or comfort, then you do it. if it doesn't you just don't believe in it.
keep in mind, most of us in india at least, have no choice about praying when we are young. we are expected to. so if as adults we choose not to, then you should just trust and believe that we have another way of finding our solace.
it's a little presumptuous to assume you can't love without praying.
i know people who pray. a lot. but who suck big time in respecting and cherishing relationships. how does that work?
to each his poison. to each what he feels is best for him/her.
i respect and even accept that you like to pray and are sincere about it.
and i would expect you (not you alone, but others with similar sentiments) to not disbelieve or be sceptical of those who don't.
i can't sit around praying for the well-being of people i love. i will do what i can. i will HOPE. but i find it difficult to pray. and i have had some testy times in the past to realise that it just doesn't work for me. it's a very hollow feeling.
anything more i say would be plagiarising what your cousin said. so i rest my case. for now.
but we have had this discussion in the past too. and will in the future i am sure.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Ummon, I did not assume nor am i totally disbelieving. I am asking about that which I am unable to understand, that's all. You should know by now am a great believer in 'to each, her own'. So, it is not about that. HOW do you find solace otherwise was the question -- a mere wondering if you will.