Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Diet means food, food, food!

Diet. The D word. The ultimate four letter word. One of the worst. Stinks of 'less food' if you ask me. *sniffle*

Except, nowadays, the definition of food itself has changed and so also has 'more food' replaced 'less food'.

We hear about so many diets all over the place. The more popular ones involve eating small meals every two hours. EVERY TWO HOURS. That's a heck of a lot of eating, really. And more than the eating, it is the whole planning-the-food business that's daunting.

8 am breakfast
10 am a soup or a sandwich (I suppose)
12 noon 2 phulkas and dhal and veggies
2 pm a fruit
4 pm biscuits (hrrrumph)
6 pm sundal
8 pm dinner.

Oh dear God.

Think of the preparation! Sure, Miz. Size Zero Kareena Kapoor can do it cos she has to just turn around every two hours and find her plate full of diet goodies in front of her, whipped up by her 'Maharaj' or equivalent. (Er, not feeling 'J' or anything, but ...that's life...for her).

Me, if I have to just turn around, I will just see a flash of light in a red background that reads 'I AM HUNGRY and ANGRY'. At that point, nothing but fried potatoes, sambar rice with a generous dollop of ghee, will do. The dietician will require a calculator to sum up the calories consumed...hmph.
So this whole dieting business is much much more about food than in the case of a normal, easy going 'bulgy foodie' who just goes about his or her day with a coffee, breakfast (masala dosai! ya, ya, ya), a 'good' lunch, another coffee or tea, and then dinner. Simpler times. Eat what's available and when hungry. Don't fret over eggjact number of calories consumed, which soup, salad and sundal and get all weepy.

Actually, I am neither here nor there. I have to make huge efforts to remember to eat small meals and unlearn so many things about food -- going by the 'today's fad' that is, that every 2-3 days I get tired and slump back to life as I knew it.
Three square meals.

Bon Appetit!

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