Friday, June 14, 2013

After a break

What if I cannot write anymore? This is a thought that has been troubling me for a long time now. Before I actually start writing things that other people might read, thought should post something on my old blog teesutalk. Why am i calling it old? it's the ONLY blog I've got:-D Today,something funny happened ...I was driving and spotted a black Volkswagen ahead of me and thought it was my friend's. Painstakingly, I zoomed ahead and manoeuvered into position next to the car all the while trying to check if it was her in the driver's seat. Finally, I got near enough to wave, look at her and catch her attention. I waved wildly and happily beamed at her. In a split second I realised that it was not my friend at all but a stranger -- a very 'zapped' man. The startled guy had a sour-faced woman next to him who I am sure did not break into a smile at this behaviour from me! I quickly shook my hand at them as if to rub off my over-enthusiastic greeting and drove well away. Chuckling at myself, of course. Good start to a morning, people. Better than the mundane, eh.

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umm oviya said...

haha... i've done this. and been done to, as well.