Friday, March 10, 2006

O.E. Post

O.E. stands for Over Enthusiastic,..posted pillayaar suzhi and got soooo excited that I felt compelled to add another right away.

Feeling good folks,..feeling good.

I was avoiding this whole blogging business though quite a few friends and family members are blogging away merrily,...but today,..I decided to get on board - I mean, what the heck?Want to type away all my various thoughts and emotions - without being interrupted.

Speaking of interruptions, guess whose family (including 20 month old daughter Tara) is asleep right now thereby allowing this BLOGGING to happen??Ha, ha.

O.E. is ebbing,..will post again when I have something to say.

Pssst,..teesu is beginning to talk to much, eh?;)

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