Monday, July 03, 2006

Poem - No smoke without fire

Why on earth do u smoke?

Smoking is injurious to health
It causes bodily damage by stealth
A warning on every cigarette packet
Fails to stir up a racket.

You sit at a party and at it you puff
Soaking into your body …all the bad stuff
But it “feels so good” you claim
Be sure – your lungs smoking will maim.

What is the use of all the exercise and diet?
You may lift weights and avoid a tasty bite -
You jog, you cycle, you sweat, you run,
But smoke ….and you ruin all the fun.

Diseases, terminal illnesses, a persistent cough…
It can reduce your lifespan by half.
Think it will not happen to you?
Want me to wager on that a bet or two?

Do not think you will get a warning sign
That will tell you its time to resign.
You may wake up one not-so-fine day,
Realizing you smoked your life away.

You say smoking gives you a high
A subtle joy you won’t yourself deny.
You think its so cool and stylish -
When asked to quit, you turn mulish.

However, that is what I am asking you to do.
Think I have a vested interest do you?
Nope. I do not smoke, but I am on the real High -
Yes, I know because of smoking, I will not die!

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