Monday, August 17, 2009


Oh they come into this world
All half-blinded and perhaps half-numbed,
Not knowing from where they come
And certainly, clueless ...even about mum.

They blink and then clear up
Burp, crap, pee and spit up,
Gaze pointlessly and then sleep
Not knowing that life's going to be deep.

They were squeezed and pushed through...
Hustled out into life,
Picked up, checked and wrapped,
And some even get their bottoms slapped!

Quickly, they learn to cry,
Little mouths wide open,
Faces all screwed up and coloured,
Their voices and lungs empowered.

Freed from the womb's confines,
They wave their tiny limbs about,
Go from feed to feed without purpose, without goal...
Until the exertions of sucking and just being, take their toll.


Newborns are little miracles alright,
Perfect little humans in their own right.
Helplessness and innocence at their core
Evoking feelings of protectiveness, tenderness, unconditional love and...much more!


Shyam said...

Suj, that is SWEET! :)

Trendsetters said...

that is really cute poem....i love babies