Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who is the fairest of us all?

Who, indeed?

Annoying that people have such an obsession for 'fairness'. Fairness creams galore. 'Fair and lovely' it seems. What are the 'non-fair' then? 'Dark and doomed', is it?

Stupid inclinations.

You know, one should really not CARE one way or the other about one's skin colour. Because of all this fairness mania, I am inclined to go the dark way!! Yes, I have taken to saying things or rather, singing things like 'karuppu dhaan yenakku puducha colour-u'...!! (song from some murali film about how black is a cool colour because of how many nice things and people are black!)

I am not happy with me for doing this either. Why should we bracket people who are fair as beautiful, and dark as...I don't know, people who are 'colourfully-challenged'!!!

Often heard: 'she/he looks nice, BUT she/he is dark...'!! As if that is the problem! Worse, they will even say 'he/she does not look great but at least he/she is fair...'!

What's with all this? Where did it even originate?

Not worth pondering over, huh?

It's all skin deep anyway.


Anonymous said...

what about, karupa irunthalum, azhaga...
hate it! i've had people toss N around to check what all shades she spotted, and which would be her true complexion, and if she was as fair, or fairer than O. disgusting!!! and how the hell can dhoni, john A, and those aussie chaps promote these fairness creams?
and why the hell are dark gods shown blue? and why are demons shown are grey or dark brown. where does the effing discrimination begin?

Shyam said...
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Shyam said...

Hey Tees, I remember someone (dont know who) comparing me and Hema in childhood pics and saying that Hema is fair and attractive but I'm too dark - "Mohathula kaLai-aavadhu irukku".

How about that? :)

Anonymous said...

curious about removed comment. shyam, i worry a lot about this, between my present 2. have seen this said between cousins and between sisters. it's sickening. i have no tolerance for people who do this. i snap at them.

Shyam said...

V - deleted comment was just a repeat.

Teesu (very very Indian, very very good) said...

Not at all happy about the comparisons in our family, Shyam! Really, below us. Ummon, think it's time to give the folks a lecture...